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Gamification of the slot machines

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Gamifying slot machines will attract millenials to casinos

Las Vegas is the most famous gambling location in the United States, much like Monaco used to be in Europe. No matter how big casino resorts would emerge in any part of the world, Vegas will always be a standard for casino gaming, no matter where you go. Or will it? According to a series of Las Vegas stakeholders, the interest of younger generations for slot machines is fading. Apparently they lack what these younger players are looking for - action.

The problem with slot machines - one of the most lucrative branches of the casino industry - is that they are too simple. Push a button, wait for the reels to stop, and win or lose - that's about it. At least in land-based casinos it is, because European online casinos have long ago introduced more entertaining slots. Take a look at the royal vegas mobile casino , for example - it is filled with games that are not just profitable, but also entertaining, based around a variety of themes from music to video games. But this trend apparently didn't make it to the gambling Mecca of the US, leaving local casinos with the simplest slot machines.

The younger players now prefer to spend their time at the blackjack table, Vegas executives say based on the latest statistics, as slots are not enough of a challenge for them. And they have found a solution that will most likely work for them in the long run: gamification of slot machines, a measure recently approved by Nevada's authorities. This will add skill based elements to slot machines, turning them into a hybrid between the classic game of chance and video games of all kinds. These new games, as land-based Vegas casinos hope, will attract more young players to slots.

The main reason behind the casino operators' willingness to raise the entertainment value of slot machines has one goal only: raising their profitability. You see, blackjack is popular for two reasons: first because it's a challenging and entertaining card game easy to learn and play, and second because it is one of the few casino games that offer its players an almost 50% chance to win any hand. In the long run slot machines generate much more profits for casinos, which means that it's in their best interest to attract more players to them. And as older generations who like classic slots are slowly dying off, they need to maintain the newer generations' interest in slots to continue to generate their profits.

The new breed of slot machines soon to be launched in Las Vegas will contain skill based side games, which will pay out less than the average spin.

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